####Site Selection Tier 1 and Tier 2

In step 6 and 7, you need provide following information:

  1. Number sites select for each module
  • You can manually select the number of sites for each module by using the sliders.
  • You can also quickly select the number of sites for each module by Quick Set Site Selection.

For example: if you select 30 sites, each module will have at maximum 30 sites.

Wizard Site Selection Tier 1

If you select 100%, all sites will be used for each module:

Wizard Site Selection Tier 2

  1. How do you want the sites selected: There are following options:
  • Select High PR Sites First
  • Select Sites Randomly

Why do we need to have separate site selections for different tiers? Generally, sites in tier should have higher quality, and should be authority sites like wordpress.com, livejournal.com, tumblr.com ... because tier 1 will point to your money sites or buffer sites. Sites in lower tier tend to have lesser quality (e.g. they can be sites in platforms like PHPFox, Elgg, Zendesk).