[Video] Getting Started with RankerX

We will learn how to create a marketing campaign in just under 15 minutes.

1. Prepare Settings:


Proxies are not required but are recommended. If you have proxies, just click on Settings -> Proxy Tab -> click on Add button, then you enter your proxies. The format of proxies is: ip:port:username:password, or ip:port if your proxies do not require authentication or your proxies are authenticated based on IP.

After adding the proxies, remember to click on Check button to check the proxies.


There are a lot of websites in RankerX that require to solve captchas. So you need to use a Captcha Solving Service.

To set up captchas, go to Settings, then Captcha and Google Captcha, select the service and enter the key if required.

As with Proxies, you need to check the captcha service/captcha software by clicking on Check Balance to verify that the key is correct and you still have captcha credits in your account.

2. Prepare your content

In order to create posts, obviously you will need to have articles/content. There are serveral ways to create content. To learn more about preparing your content, you can check Prepare Content.

In this tutorial, we pretend that you already have articles that you can use. The articles are in plain text (so Microsoft Word documents will not work) and in this format: the first line is article title, the rest of the article is body.

  • Click on Content Group on the side bar.
  • Click Plus button, then enter your content group name.
  • Open the content group that you have just created.
  • Click on Upload Article button.
  • Then upload the article files.

3. Create a new marketing campaign using X-Wizards

  • Click on Campaigns on the left side bar.
  • Enter the Campaign Name
  • Select Using X-Wizard (default option)
  • Choose a suitable Strategy, for example, we choose Marketing Expert for now.

4. Setting up the campaign

Selecting sites that you want to post to

There are several option to select sites. You can select:

  • All sites
  • Select using Site Selection (Site Selection is the option to quickly select the sitse that you chose previously)
  • Select the sites manually

In this tutorial we will select all websites.

Entering your money sites and keywords

  • Enter the money site URLs in the URLs section. Each url on one line.
  • Enter the keywords. To make your links look natural you should have multiple types of keywords. You should at least have primary keywords, secondary keywords, branded keywords and generic keywords. For example, we will do marketing for a dog training school in Singapore called Waggies dog training. We can set up the keywords as follow (remember that we enter keywords in multiple lines, keywords in each line can be in Spintax):
    • Primary Keywords: dog training, dog trainer, dog training Singapore, dog trainer Singapore…
    • Secondary Keywords (Long tail): dog training school in Singapore, dog training school Singapore, best dog trainer, best dog trainer in Singapore, best dog training school in Singapore, best dog training school…
    • Branded Keywords: Waggie, Waggies, Waggies dog training, Waggies dog training school…
    • Generic Keywords: To learn more, click here to learn more, to find our more…
  • Choose the appropriate keyword percentages: In our experience, new websites should aim for lower number for primary keywords (less than 20%). For this particular web site(Waggie dog training school), because it is not an old website, we aim for higher percentage for primary keywords: We can set the the percentage as: 30% primary keywords, 30% for secondary keywords, 10% for branded keywords, 10% for generical keywords, 20% for raw url.
  • Do the same for other tiers. You can save time by clicking Copy settings to copy settings from another tier.

5. Content

  • We choose the content that we uploaded/created in Step 2
  • We highly recommend that you add additional images and/or videos to your content. If your content doesn’t already have images/videos, you can let RankerX add videos/images to your content.
    • For images, you have two options: search for the images or enter the image urls manually.
    • For videos, you just need to add the list of Youtube videos that you want to use.
    • You also need to enter the mimnimum/maximum number of images/urls to add to your articles (Generally min = 0 and max = 1 is good)

6. Accounts

In order to create backlinks, you need to have to create/use existing accounts on the target websites. For each project, you can choose Create New Accounts to let RankerX create new accounts for you, or choose Use Existing Accounts to use exising accounts. To learn how to quickly reuse accounts click Reuse Accounts. In this tutorial, because this ia a fresh new campaign, we will let all the settings as default.

7. Emails:

In order to create accounts you will need email addresses. You have several options:

  • Enter the email address manually. If you use this option, in the email address field, you need to enter your email address in spintax like {name1|name2|name3{1|2|3|4|5|6}@{domain1|domain2}.com because RankerX may use many email addresses in each campaign.
  • Use pre-built RankerX email accounts.
  • Get email address from Email Manager.

For now, we will use built-in RankerX email accounts.

8. Indexer

You may use to use indexing services to help you index links. We don’t neccessarily use anything for now. In order to an indexing service you need to go to Settings -> Indexer and enter the key for that indexing service.

9. Schedule

You then set the date for the campaign to start running. Then you need to choose how many days that the campaign will run for. For a big campaign like Marketing Expert you should let it run for 3 to 4 days.

10. Confirm to create the campaign

You need to check the campaign name at this step. You can have an option to save this X-Wizard so you can reuse this X-Wizard to quickly create new campaigns in the future.

Now you need to click on Create Campaign to create the campaign. You will be directed to the new campaign that you have just created.

11. Checking the campaign

On the campaign page, we will see three tabs: Projects, Accounts and Backlinks.

  • Projects tab. There are two types of projects: Account Creation projects will create accounts on target websites. These projects' names have prefix Account Creation. The other projects are Posting projects. These projects will use the accounts created by Account Creation projects. Posting project names have Tier prefix like Tier 1: Web 2.0 Blog 1*
  • Accounts tab. The accounts created by account creation projects are stored here.
  • Backlinks tab. The backlinks created by the campaign will appear here.

After the campaign is completed, you can export the backlinks to report to your customers.

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