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RankerX is the best SEO tool available. RankerX already has all the great features available for ranking on Google 1st page:

  • Biggest number of authority sites available
  • Safe and intelligent link building strategies
  • Powerful included indexer
  • Video ranking
  • Local SEO
  • Versatile for power users and easy for newbies
  • And much more…



With a bunch of quality features. You can use RankerX to do all of your SEO activities

Quality Websites

RankerX supports all high quality websites ranging from Web 2.0¬† blogs like WordPress, Tumblr… to .edu, .gov sites.

Impressive Success Rates

RankerX success rates are unrivaled. Save you lots of captcha cost.

RankerX Indexer

Powerful backlink indexer with 98% indexing rate. All you need is Google PVA accounts and good proxies.

Custom Sites

Scrape for more targets and add them to the software. With RankerX, you can easily add hundreds of targets.

Design your own stragies

With RankerX powerful strategy designer, you can design your own unique strategies for your purposes.

Safe and fastest

Combining Chrome browser and a powerful socket client, RankerX is the fastest and safest solution in the market

Use RankerX Anywhere

RankerX runs on Windows, Mac, Linux. On the go and want to take a look at your project no problem, use your phone!

PBN Management

Add your self-hosted WordPress websites to your RankerX and manage them with ease.

3+ Years in the Market


Unlike competitors who are deceiving customers by providing junk services we are ethical and are always trying our best to bring the best result for customers

Quality Software

We have more than 10+ years of experience in developing software and SEO so RankerX is developed using latest software technology and very stable. It will never let you down

Budget Friendly

Who says SEO must be costly? RankerX is very affordable. We always try to minimize our customers expense so RankerX is very reasonably priced and includes most of features you need in doing SEO.

Trusted by Big SEO Agencies

Our customers include some of the biggest SEO agencies. Each of them has dozen of licenses with RankerX. RankerX just works.

What customers say about us

Very nice link building tool and easy to get started for someone new to link building software* Dashboard is simple to pick up with drag and drop wizard to build tiered links templates with logical dependencies. Good support from a knowledgeable seller.

ApricotAdmin at BHW

If you are serious about SEO then in my opinion you HAVE to give this tool a fair try, it has a five day trial period where you can easily get to grips with it and I really think this tool is going to be the GSA SER of web 2.0 creators and dominate the market.

Shaun MarsSEO Expert

Since adding this tool to my overall SEO strategy I am already seeing positive results so I am very happy. Also not to forget: the support is really amazing - OP is responsive to suggestions about how the system can be improved and I have seen these things being implemented very quickly so this is a tool that is developing further as its being used, which is great. Also OP was very helpful when I was trying to get to grips with using the software and when I was trying to do a few specific things that the tool wasn't necessarily designed to do. Top rating for this, great service and great program to add to your SEO arsenal.

David SilversterBHW Moderator

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