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Market your business with the best software ever

Getting links from thousands of high authority websites with RankerX, the best online marketing software ever.

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Trusted by marketers from all over the world

Customers have been using RankerX for years to rank and bring traffic to their websites with great satisfaction

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Why choose RankerX?

RankerX has all the features you need to better posit your websites, videos

XWizards can help you create campaigns in just under 10 minutes.
High authority websites like Wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly...
Great marketing strategies
Youtube Videos
Local Business Powerup
Fast and light-weight. You don't need a powerful computer for RankerX
Easy for new users. Powerful for advanced users.


Let us help you succeed

“JustCBD is the best selling CBD brand in the US and UK market. CBD is a very hot and tough market with a lot of competition. RankerX helps us propel to a new level. It helps us rank top 1 in almost every keyword that we compete in.”

Brett Sandman

“Quorse is the top e-training company in Malaysia. RankerX has helped us bring us 10 times more traffic and reduced our marketing cost drastically so we can have enough money in improving our e-training offers. RankerX is a must buy!”

Lim Kah Chong

“As one of the biggest Malaysian marketing agencies, online marketing is obviously a very important part of our strategies. RankerX is reliable, fast, and very efficent. It has helped us rank thousands of keywords for our clients. Steve and the team are very helpful. Highly recommended!”

Ariel Chew
@CEO, Bike Bear Marketing

“Whether you are a marketing agency or a website owner, buy RankerX right away. RankerX has saved us thousands of hours of manual work in ranking our clients' websites. RankerX has been constantly updated for years and the support from the RankerX team is top notch.”

Derek Pierce
@Owner, Shoal Marketing

“The software is perfect. Steve and his software has helped propell our business. We manage to rank top 1 and drastically bring traffic to our clients.”

Dedhia Mehul

RankerX is everything you need to market your business

You don't need anything else to successfully posit you websites, Youtube videos. RankerX has all the features you need.

Authority Sites
Managing content from high quality websites like Wordpress, Tumblr… to power up your money site.
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Undisputed Success Rates
A software with high success rates will help you save your time and expenses.
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Advanced Marketing Strategies
Design your own marketing strategies using the powerful RankerX strategy designer or choose from many of the existing diagrams.
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PBN Management
Creating and manage your own PBN (Private Blog Network) using Web 2.0 Blogs and your self-hosted Wordpress sites.
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Support Multiple Platforms
RankerX supports Windows, Mac, Linux. You can even use RankerX on iOS and Android.
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Custom Sites
You can search for more targets/websites and add them to RankerX. This way your website will receive more traffic.
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Safe Marketing
RankerX uses multiple strategies to ensure your site is met with search engine guide lines
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Video Marketing
You can also embed your Youtube videos to your content so you videos can get higher exposure.
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Local Business
Local Business is important nowadays. Help your local business with RankerX embedded map feature.
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