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Safe Link Building

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Safe Link Building

RankerX uses multiple techniques to help you build links safely. Theses techniques will help your accounts stay alive longer and also help you be better in Google’s eyes.


Accounts Live Longer

Cookies of the browser will be stored locally so RankerX will not need to log in to target accounts every time you want to post something. Also RankerX tries to minimize the number of proxy changes for each account. In other words, RankerX will match a certain proxy for each account and keep using that proxy for that account in the future.

  • Cookies are saved so re-login is not required
  • Each account will be given a proxy and that proxy will be reused for that account
  • Hybrid posting technology (real browser PLUS intelligent socket client) ensure the speed of posting and safety of accounts


Multiple link embedding strategies to to help you diversify the link placements in your articles. With available settings you can easily setup different strategies:

  • Link wheel
  • Collocation
  • … and¬†plethora more