Setting Up RankerX version 2.0

A detailed instruction to set up RankerX 2.0


  • Number of Retries (for failed submissions):

    Starting right away with a controversial choice, but in my experience generally if RankerX fails and then fails again it will more than likely fail the next time too. It is important to have 3 retry though because there are times when RankerX thinks it has failed but actually when it tries again is sees it did not really fail and thus only then marks the account as created. Yes you will get a few more accounts using a higher number but nothing worth writting home about.

  • Time to wait before retry (for failed submissions):

    There is a way to specify the wait time of retrying a failed submissions. Leaving it at 60 sec is thus a sensible option.

  • Number of Projects running at a same time:

    A modern PC and internet would run with 10, 15 probably 20 projects at a same time without issue (actually they would probably work with more but 20 is the limit).

  • Max Number of Threads:

    A modern PC and internet would cope with 30,40 probably 50 threads without issue. The larger the number of threads, the faster RankerX runs. However you need to consider the actual need for this. RankerX is on a server that’s on 24/7 as such total speed if of no real importance to me, 20 threads running 24/7 is far more than I ever need. I personally like to setup RankerX to run as slow as I can get it yet still complete my daily tasks. For most of you 10 will probably be too low, in particular if you are running this on your home PC. So experiment a little here and work out whats best for you.

  • Number of Browsers:

    Most of the sites in RankerX are scripted using a sophisticated browser emulation program that makes them very fast to run. Some of the websites are really complicated so it requires a real browser, for example: Wordpress, Tumblr, Evernote… The number of thoses sites is not large so the number of browsers do not need to be high.

  • Request timeout:

    This defines how long the submit window will sit waiting for a response before giving up and either trying again or moving on to the next site. It is important to give sites enough time to respond, though you could argue any site that does not respond within a minute is unlikely to work. If time is an issue reducing this down to 1 might help at the expense of a few sites.

  • Delete emails older than (days):

    RankerX will delete emails if they are older than X days so your mailbox will not get full.

  • Time to wait before verifying emails (minutes):

    Because after creating accounts, account verification emails may arrive late in the mailbox, so it is best to set this number greater or equal to 5.

  • Automatic Sign:

    Automatically login to your account whenver you start RankerX program.

  • Daily Automatic Backup:

    Let RankerX do automatic backup every day to ensure that you will not corrupt your data.

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Generally speaking proxies are not mandatory, however you wil get some benefits when you use proxies in RankerX. Proxies will help you prevent from being banned when you create a lot of accounts. Proxies may also help with the increase the speed of creating accounts/posting content too.

Captcha and Google Captcha

Unless you are doing some testing you should have Enable Captcha Solving ticked. Always. Using RankerX in production without this is generally pointless. You have two options: Use a captcha solving service or captcha solving software.

Which service you use is up to you, we supported many captcha solving service but in our experience work best. It is the fastest and most accurate captcha solving service available.


RankerX supported multiple content sources. You can upload your own content or use third party services/software to do that. We supported multiple content sources:

  1. Article Forge.

The service use Article Intelligence (AI) to generate the articles so the content is highly unique and quite readable. The disadvantage is it slow. It takes about 2 minutes to generate a single article. So it is more suitable for Tier 1 backlinks.

  1. Kontent Machine and SEO Content Machine.

What these software do is they use search engines like Google, Bing to scrap websites for content and merge them together. The result is that the generated content is not quite unique and readable. The advantage is that you can generate a large number of articles using those software. They are more suitable for lower tier backlinks (Tier 2, Tier 3….)

  1. Article Builder:

The oldest of all services. This service has a fixed number of articles that are already in spintax format. So each time you request a new article, they will get it from the database and spin them. The articles are human-prepared so the quality is good. But the choice is limited and the number of existing articles is low so they are not unique. That’s why we don’t recommend this service for now.

Text spinning

To make your articles more unique, you can use a spinning service. It will transform your content from I love you forever to I {love|like} you forever. RankerX supports many article spinning service. RankerX provides a built-in text spinning service. You can use it for a good start. If you want to use a third party text spinning service, they are more or less the same. Most of them provide free trials, just register for the trials and test them.


Indexing service may help you get better indexing rates. We support many indexing services. We and our customer report some successes with or Speed Links Indexer. Most of other indexing service doe not work. So please contact us before making any purchases.

Blocked Sites:

If in any cases that you don’t want RankerX to post to some sites. You can go to Blocked Sites in RankerX Settings and enter the the list of domains that you don’t want to use.

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