RankerX Diagrams

1. On the left sidebar, you have to click on Diagrams -> Add new Diagram => SAVE button to add new a diagram.


2. On the left panel, there are all the RankerX projects. All you do is drag the projects that you are interested in to the panel and connect them.

3. The good thing about RankerX is that they come with a quite few of templates that you can use to build your backlinks, such as

One thing that’s new in RankerX is the Wait project. With the previous version, projects will run continuously with no pause. Now you are able create a pause or wait period between projects, this is more natural. You can pick the number of days you want to pause the project before it starts the next one. This allows for a powerful way of creating strategic campaigns. Even if you have no experience running this, after going through this process, you will end up with a powerful SEO campaign.