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Email Mananger

Email Manager is the place that users can use to add their own email accounts to use in marketing campaigns. There two types of email accounts:

  1. Normal email accounts like [email protected], [email protected]
  2. Catchall email accounts. Catchall email accounts are the accounts that have unlimited aliases. Every email sent to those email aliase will end up in the catchall email accounts. Read Catch all to learn more about catch all emails and how to add them to RankerX.

There are two ways to add email accounts to RankerX:

  1. Enter them individually.:

    • Click on Add Email
    • Enter Email Address and Email Login. If this email account is a normal email account, these two fields are similar like [email protected]. If this email account is a catchal email account, then the Email Address should be in spintax like {abcd|def|hlk}{know|you|are}{you|know|it|work|well}{123|432}@{|}
  2. Import the email accounts in bulk.

    • Prepare your email accounts in a text file, each email account in a one line with this format:


      For example:

      [email protected]:[email protected]
    • Click on Import emails and choose the file that you want to upload.