RankerX X-Wizard & Demo Quick Campaign Setup

The SEO wizard let anyone create professional designed SEO campaign in a couple minute. X-Wizard goes one step further: anybody can create one in about one minute. New in Version 2.0, RankerX has streamlined the entire process, and made it more efficient.

On the left panel, there are all the RankerX Diagram projects. All you do is drag the projects that you are interested in to the panel and connect them.


1. On the left sidebar, you have to click on W-Wizard -> Add a new X-Wizard => choose a Diagram => SAVE button to add new X-Wizard


2. Select the websites on Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3,… that you want to post…

2.1 Select 

2.2 Select Site from Site Selection

2.3 Manually select

3. Links & Keywords

Once you hit create, you can set up your keywords and links. There are options for you to enter primary keyword and secondary keywords. 1 keyword is recommended for the primary. Secondary keywords are generally long tail. You can hit generate from primary keyword button to create a list of Google suggested keywords that includes your primary keyword. Make sure to set the percentage of keywords appearances for both. A good balance would be 40% for primary keywords and 60% for secondary keywords, branded keywords, Generic keywords or Naked URL. Next, you can set up primary and secondary URLs.

4. Content


5. Accounts


5. Emails

6. Indexer

You can use an indexing service may increase your chance of getting your links indexed by Google. Click to configure indexing services

7. Indexer

Now, RankerX allows you to schedule things more naturally with waiting periods between different projects within a campaign


9. Click Create Campaign to create a new campaign

You’ve completed to create a campaign