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After building backlinks, you will need to have them indexed by search engines. If backlinks are not indexed, your links have no value in Search Engine’s eyes. Most of the time, your links will not be indexed naturally. So how would a link be indexed? Currently there are two most effective ways to get your links indexed:

  • Your link must be backed by other links that has already been indexed. Most of paid indexing services use this approach. They maintain a large private networks that are already indexed by Google. When theses services receive your links, they will add your links to the posts in their private network. Therefore, the indexing rate depends very much on the quality of services’ networks.
  • Submitting links directly to Google using Google’s tools. There are several paid software use this approach but they are expensive and their technology is obsolete so the submission rate is low, which in turn affect the indexing rate.

Using  the second approach, RankerX Indexer is the most effective indexer available and it is FREE. RankerX uses the latest version of Google’s own browser to help your links indexed. Therefore, the indexing rates can be up to 98%. All you need are:

  • Google Phone Verified Accounts
  • Good dedicated proxies


RankerX Indexer handles all of the requirements to help you links indexed from managing, checking Google Accounts, Proxies to submitting your links to Google

  • Create multiple separate campaigns
  • Indexing your backlinks from the software itself and from external sources
  • Managing Google Accounts. Inform the users when the Google Account has problems, giving suggestion
  • Managing Proxies
  • Controlling the speed of indexing