How to set up a catchall email in RankerX

We are going to help guide you to set up catchall email accounts in RankerX.

What is a Catchall Email?

Catchall Email is a special email account set up on any domain on a server to receive all messages that are addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain.

For example, you have four email addresses set up for;

If [email protected] is setup as a catchall email account, then any email messages sent to rankerx* (or any other invalid email address) are sent to the catchall email account [email protected]

How to set up a Catchall Email in RankerX

  1. Click on Email Mananger:

step 1

  1. Enter your email account details:

    Inmportant: In the Email Address field: the email address should be in spin tax like {name1|name2|name3{1|2|3|4|5|6}@{domain1|domain2}.com

step 2

  1. Test the email account to ensure that it works before clicking on Save:

step 3

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